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Arch Jumps

Strengthen your entire body with this explosive exercise




Primary Areas Worked
Leg strength & power, core strength.

Slow and controlled at first, however you may progress to quick and repetitive jumps. The quicker the jump, the more you are training power and balance.

Breathing Pattern
Breathe IN and OUT rhythmically.

Starting Position
Standing with your knees bend and arms back.

Explode upwards attempting to achieve as much height as possible. During the flight phase, extend your arms upward and arch back.

Additional Athletic Qualities Worked
Balance, spinal dexterity.

Injury Considerations, Contraindications & Comments
Ankle, hip, back and knee injuries can all be exacerbated by jump training. Anterior compartment syndrome or ‘shin splints’ can also become problematic. Make sure that you are warmed-up and performing these exercises on adequate flooring to minimize injury risk (grassy field, school gymnasium, matted flooring). You can attempt this exercise on one foot to increase balance and power requirements.