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Core - Forward Ball Roll

TITLE: Forward Ball Roll BODY REGION: Abdominals


Muscle Group: Abdominal and Shoulder Musculature




1. Place forearms behind the apex of the ball kneeling in front of it. 2. Draw belly button in and maintain Neutral Spine throughout the exercise. MOVEMENT:

1. Roll forward as far as Neutral Spine can be maintained. 2. Stop and roll back to start. TIPS:

Do not let the spine arch. TRAINER NOTES:

When assessing the movement of your client observe for hyperextension of the spine due to loss of stability. Check that the hip and arm movement are synchronous. Observe for Flexion of the spine caused by rectus abdominis activation. If you recognize these start with shorter movements. Do not work this exercise to the point where they are shaking with fatigue. You are looking for quality of movement.