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Full Body Exercise: The Caterpillar Pushup

Looking for a challenging pushup. The 'Caterpillar Pushup' will strenthen your chest, shoulders, triceps, core and low back all in one movement!





Primary Areas Worked
Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Core, Low Back

Initially the tempo of this exercise will be slow and controlled. Once the motion is comfortable however, you can speed the movement up in order to increase both difficulty and cardiovascular effect.

Breathing Pattern
Breathe OUT as you start the movement, and IN as you return to the starting position.

Starting Position
Feet a little wider than shoulder width apart and hands in push-up position. Your head should be angled downward and your butt straight up in the air.

In a serpent type motion, drop your head towards the ground followed in sequence by your chest and hips. Reverse the movement and proceed back up to the starting position.

Additional Athletic Qualities Worked
Cardiovascular conditioning

Injury Considerations, Contraindications & Comments
This exercise is very similar to Dive Bomber Push-ups.