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Lower Body Strength - The 'Duck' Walk

An excellent way to strengthen your Quads and the entire core and lower body!



Primary Areas Worked
Quadriceps as well as other major muscles in the leg.

Moderate pace.

Breathing Pattern
Breathe IN and OUT rhythmically.

Starting Position
Squatting down in a ‘catcher’s’ position.

Walk forwards or backwards while staying crouched low in the ‘catcher’s’ position.

Additional Athletic Qualities Worked
Core strength and stability.

Injury Considerations, Contraindications & Comments
This goes back to our ‘don’t let your knees go over your toes’ point. This exercise does not place any more strain on your knees then will movements you may have to make purposely or accidentally during both life and sport. The deep knee flexion style is contraindicated in the event of an existing meniscus problem, however.