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Core and Chest - Stability Ball Pushup



TITLE: Push-up g feet elevated on SB

FOCUS: Balance,Core,General

Muscle Group: Pectoralis Major, Anterior Deltoid, Triceps


1. Assume push-up position with the shins or toes on the ball and hands just outside shoulder width.
2. Draw belly button in and maintain neck and low back in neutral.


1. Lower body till the shoulders just sink past elbows.
2. Push-up to start.


Don't let the spine arch. Breath out on up phase.


When analyzing your client's form look for protrusion of the belly button. This indicates loss of Transversus Abdominis activation. Stop and re-cue them. There are greater Extension forces placed on the spine in this position so deep wall activation is crucial.

While assessing your client's technique do not allow them to protract their neck or extend neck to look up. This places unnecessary Stress on the sub-occipital muscles.

To reduce wrist Extension pressure you can utilize push-up bars or hex dumbells. This will keep wrists in a neutral position reducing the forces through the wrist structures.

Be sure the client doesn't lead with the belly (you'll see premature scapula Adduction). This will cause hyperextension of the lumbar spine and hence load the Facet joints causing wear and tear. The push-up will also be ineffective.

Use this exercise once they are proficient with push-ups and feel comfortable with exercises like the Prone jackknife.

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