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Planning Form


The following information is to enable me to organise training through to the end of March 2004.  Some athletes are continuing training with me after school and are on individual programmes.  I was not able to see all those I wished about training last term - this is your opportunity to receive a training programme and continue training (at whatever level of commitment you are able to make).  Mr. Reynolds, Rawles and myself will take the training - the split will depend on what is appropriate for you.

Everyone must complete this form regardless of whether or not they want an individual programme.



Please provide the following general information:

1. Do you intend competing in any road races for a club this season ?           YES    NO        UNSURE   

2. Do you intend competing on Saturdays during the track season ?              YES    NO        UNSURE   

If you answered YES/UNSURE to No 2 above answer the following:

Do you intend competing for a club (preferred) or running under the school colours ?   CLUB        SCHOOL   

Please indicate below if you would like to compete in the following events:

1. Wellington Club Cross Country Championships (Saturday 19/7/03)            YES    NO        UNSURE   

2. New Zealand Cross Country Championships (Taraunga 2/8/03)                  YES    NO        UNSURE   

3. Kilbirnie Inter School Road Relays (Wednesday 3/9/03)                            YES     NO        UNSURE   

4. Round the Lake Inter School Relay (Wanganui Monday 8/9/03)                 YES    NO        UNSURE   

5. Wellington Schools Road Championships (Wednesday 17/9/03)                YES    NO        UNSURE   

6. Wellington Club Road Relay Championships (Saturday 20/9/03)                YES    NO        UNSURE   

7. New Zealand Road Relay Championships (Fielding 4/10/03)                      YES    NO        UNSURE   

8. NZSS Track & Field Nationals in Invercargill (6/12/03)                               YES    NO        UNSURE   

9. North Island Colgate Games (Hastings 9/1/03)                                         YES    NO        UNSURE   

10. South Island Colgate Games ( Invercargill 16/1/03)                                 YES    NO        UNSURE   

11.Track Series (Older athletes - during January)                                         YES    NO        UNSURE   

12. New Zealand 3000m Championships (Inglewood - January ??)                 YES    NO        UNSURE   

13. McEvedy Shield 2004                                                                          YES    NO        UNSURE   

14 Other (Please specify below):


Indicate below which events in which you might (seriously) be interested in competing at the NZSS Nationals.  Rank any events in which you are interested 1 (Highest) to 8 (Lowest):

    400 m        800m        1500m        3000m        Steeplechase   

    Road Race        4 x 100m Relay        4 x 400m Relay   

Rank the events in which you are interested in concentrating on for the rest of the track season (no requests for McEvedy):

    400 m        800m        1500m        3000m        Steeplechase   


1. Please indicate the commitment you are able to make to training for Athletics/Cross Country:

    Term Three

    Training this term can be for several reasons:    (1)    to compete in the Kilbirnie and Round the Lake Relays

    (2)    preparation for the NZSS Track & Field Nationals    (3)    continued participation in the Cross Country and

     Road Season.

    Indicate which of the two training options below you prefer:

    Early morning training only (commencing Week 3 or 4)                        YES    NO        UNSURE   

    Afternoon training sessions Monday, Wednesday, Thursday all term      YES    NO        UNSURE   

    If YES/UNSURE to the question immediately above specify which day(s) you would/might be able to train:

    Term Four and Late Term Three

    Training at this time is aimed at the track season including NZSS Track and Field Nationals and/or McEvedy


    Indicate the days on which you are able to attend organised training (the Sunday Session is an acceleration

    session for sprinters):

    Monday 3:30 pm        Wednesday 3:30 pm        Thursday 3:30 pm        Sunday 10:00am   

    If you are unavailable for part of the September holidays specify when you are away:

Training Programmes

I am happy to write out training programmes for anyone willing to make the commitment to follow the programme exactly.  It takes a lot of effort to write out individual programmes so only ask for a programme if you are prepared to do what is on the programme and nothing else (it is an insult to a coach if you attend other coach's sessions and it makes it very difficult to assess the effectiveness of the programme).  Once the winter sports season is over the training sessions may be taken by any coach but the programme will be set by myself.

If you are not on an individual programme  then you will attend organised training (sessions set by myself) as normal but the sessions may be different to those who have been training for some time.  The group will split between the coaches depending on what is appropriate for your level of fitness and your event(s).  You are still expected to train exclusively with the school - the only other option (not preferred) is to train exclusively with another coach.

Do you wish to have an individual programme?     YES    NO   

If YES ensure you have completed all the above and add any other comments helpful to writing a programme below:

Any other comments?