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Swiss Ball Exercises and Illustrations

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55 cm for Individuals up to 5ft 3in.tall - $13.50
65 cm for Individuals 5ft 3in. to 5ft 9in. tall - $15.95
75 cm for Individuals 5ft 9in. and above - $16.95
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The following Swiss Ball Exercises are recommended for general back,
abdominal, shoulder & leg strengthening
All exercises should be performed up to 3 sets of 10 repetitions

If pain or discomfort is experienced stop immediately and consult your clinician

1. Abdominal Crunches

Start with your arms across your chest and the ball resting between you shoulder blades.

Begin by lifting your head and chest forward and clear your shoulder blades off the ball. As you get stronger you can elevate comletely in to a sitting position before returning to start position.


2. Bridging

Start with your legs resting on top of the ball just under your knee /calf area.
Rest your arms by your side and your hands flat on the floor. Use your hands for stability during the movement.

Begin by tightening your butocks and lifting your hips off the floor. Maintain a tight stomach while keeping the hips elevated for a count of 5 seconds. Return to start position slowly.


3. Back Extensions

Start with the ball under your lower chest / abdominal area and legs spread apart for stability. Hands behind head (more difficult) or resting on ball.

Begin by lifting your head and chest off the ball. Squeeze your shoulder blades as you lift.
Only go as high as you feel comfortable lifting. Return slowly to start position.


4. Shoulder flexions
Start with ball resting under stomach. Keep head neutralwith one arm supported on the floor.

Begin by lifting the other arm straight up along side of your ear. Keep head in a neutral position at all times. Remember to use your back muscles in addition to your shoulder muscles.


5. Shoulder flexion with opposite Hip extensions

Start with ball resting under your stomach. Maintain same positioning as above. Stabilize with one arm and opposite leg.

Begin by lifting one arm and opposite leg into a fully extended position (hip) and fully flexed position (shoulder). This requires high level balance skills as well as good back strength.


6. Wall Slides

Start with ball resting just below your shoulder blades against the mid back. Keep feet positioned about 2 feet in front of the hips.

Begin by bending knees to a 45 - 60 degree squat. Note that your knees should never be past your toes. Keep the lower leg perpedicular to your ankles. Hold the squat
position for up to 10 seconds before returning to start position.


Any additional questions can be answered via email below.

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